Avoid the crowds and noise by visiting small communities

Some of you might tell us “duh, that’s obvious” but many people are still not aware of the fact that most of the, let’s say, popular destinations that people visit, are all full of people crawling around. In some places like Barcelona, the amount of people that visit has reached such highs that the local authorities have started to limit the number of tourists that can visit the city. Not sure what the number is, but pretty soon you’ll need to win a lottery in order to visit places. What we’re suggesting is something that should also be obvious to people, visiting smaller, rural local communities.

Avoid the crowds and noise by visiting small communities

Overcrowding of popular tourist destinations is something that many people have already talked about. It’s a common problem that many tourist locations face and I guess a consequence of a broader issue of booming world populations. Not just that, but next to being more of us, there’s also more people who are now capable of buying vacations, a consequence of rising living standards around the world. Not that these things are bad, more people means that there’s more of us to solve problems. People getting out of poverty is also a good thing. However, how do you enjoy vacationing when there’s crowds around you, to the point that you can’t walk around?

Solution, an alternative, that we here at the Discover Annapolis team are suggesting, is that instead of going for popular tourist destinations, you instead go and visit smaller communities instead. They are usually not overcrowded, on the contrary. You’ll enjoy in peace and quite, untouched nature, and everything else that vacation is supposed to be.

Again, the “solution” that we are offering here isn’t something revolutionary. Many people have already talked about the problem of overcrowding in detail before. Due to the nature of the issue, you can’t really book a location and visit a place when there’s less crowds. Even with that, you can’t really visit Barcelona destinations, because of how many people are visiting there even in the dead of winter, when it’s cold and no one is going there for the beaches. Instead of Barcelona, go visit Bilbao, Taragona or Girona. These are just some of the examples.

As always, we’re your Discover Annapolis team. Thank you for dropping by.