Public tours

We currently have 2 types of tours available to you everyday.

Depending on how much you want to see from the city, you can choose between:

  • 40 minutes Tour – everyday: 8AM ; 9AM; 10AM / 3PM; 4PM; 5PM
    • Adult fare: 12$
    • Kids over 5 years : 7$
    • Kids under 5 years : free of charge (if accompanied by a parent)
  • 60 minutes Tour – everyday: 8AM; 9AM; 1OAM; 11AM / 1PM; 2 PM; 3PM; 4PM
    • Adult fare: 15$
    • Kids over 5 years : 8$
    • Kids under 5 years : free of charge (if accompanied by a parent)

What’s the difference between those two?

It’s those 20 minutes!

It kinda is a joke, but it’s actually quite true. The 60 minutes tour offers you extra 20 minutes of sightseeing from a cool trolley bus (mind how 20 minutes means half of the 40 minutes tour, so you get a great part of the 1st offer in the second one).

Both tours start at the same place in the city, which is the Annapolis’ Visitor Center. They consist of constant drive through the streets of Annapolis (and a bit outside, too) with a licensed local tour guide to give you all the info needed + the fun facts. The 60 minutes Tour makes sure you have some extra time at the sight see stops and also includes some additional ones into the program.  Therefore, the 60 minutes Tour is a better option if you want some more info of the city.

The 40 minutes Tour won’t take you outside of the cit itself, but it will again cover all the most important points throughout the city. It will fill you with information and beautiful panoramas. This Tour also comes with a licensed tour guide who know Annapolis better than the palm of his hand! So, this Tour is probably better if you’re tight on our schedule or if you know a lot about Annapolis before. Even if you’ve heard all the amazing info before, it sure is a wonderful experience to see the city from this point of view.

Not happy with what we have to offer?

If none of the mentioned Tours fit for you, you can still contact us in order to think of something you’ll be happy with. It’s always possible to “rent” our trolley and one of our Tour guides for our private Tour, which can last for as long as you’d like it.

We occasionally organize some Tours apart from the classic ones we’ve mentioned here before. But, it’s mostly during peak season and only once a day. We announce it on time on our web page. So if you’re interested, keep visiting the page. Or send us an inquiry. We’d be more than glad to answer to all of your questions.

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 Where to buy tickets?

You can buy the tickets in our shop by the Visitors’ Center everyday 7AM – 7PM.

If there’s any free seat left at the time the Tour starts, you can buy the tickets from the driver on the bus. Be careful, since the tickets must be bought for the certain time and day and cannot be used in any other. If you bought the tickets for a certain time and are sure you won’t be able to go, you can always return the tickets in our Office and get a cashback. It’s important to note that you must do it at least half an hour before the Tour stated on the ticket starts. You must have the original receipt for the purchase and the tickets you are returning must be undamaged.