Introducing Wedding Tours!

Since we’ve already had so many of you asking if we could manage a Trolley Tour for your wedding invitees, and after done so many… We’re proud to announce that Wedding Tours have entered our packages and are available for you anytime.

Are you having a great number of relatives coming to Annapolis only for your wedding? You don’t have enough time for taking them around to city in order to get to know it? It’s not a problem since we’re here!

Our lovely wedding couple!

We already did a dozens of wedding tours since we’ve starter our agency. And we can say it was amazing being a part of that big day for both couples and the guests who felt our warm welcome to the city. It’s very convenient because they get to see a lot of the city in only 40-60 minutes and again use the transport we offer to get from the Church to the restaurant you’re having your reception in. It means they don’t need to spend any additional time in exploring the city and can easily enjoy the wedding.

Happy wedding!

If you’re interesting in hiring us for your trolley wedding, please contact us as soon as possible. We are only able to do one Wedding Tour at a time, so make sure you don’t miss yours. You can contact Us in our office during working hours, or as always, use the Contact form and let us know your wishes and need. Please tell us the approximate number of guests/ travelers who will use the trolley service so we can make sure there are enough seats for everyone.

The driver you will get with the trolley is a licensed tour guide and knows every corner of the city like it’s his own house. Your guests and invitees are in the right hands. Arrangements and pricing plans are available upon request.

The first Kayak Tour was a huge success!

As you, fellow travelers and readers probably already know – we’re starting a new  Kayaking Tours this season!

Since our beautiful cit’s situated on the coast and is rich with many marvelous and important historical sites on the coast – we’ve came to a conclusion how convenient this way of exploring Annapolis can be.

What day can be a better day to start something new than Saturday? (They say you only start your diets on Monday… :D) So, this Saturday we’ve gathered our first group of “kayakers” who tried this extravagant compound of sport and tourism.

Our first Kayak team. Can you spot our tour guide?
But first, let us take a selfie!

As you can see in the photos, we’ve had a great time experiencing the tour for the first time. The dock was full of people interested in what we’re doing! Hope to see them on the next kayak Tour tomorrow. About tomorrow, the first group is already full, so we’re adding one more, starting at 1:00 PM (reservations and tickets ONLY in our Shop by the Dock).

How did we do?

We did it as a team of 18 people (2 Tour guides + 16 tourists) and the group was very easy to work with, our tour guides say. The kayaks we’re using are very easy to operate and there is no experience needed if you wish to take part in this. Our lovely Tour guides will also lead you through the short training before you sit in your kayak and take of. The Tour is also guided by a life guard on boat and on the dock, in case anything goes wrong. Our Tour Guides for this kinds of tours are also licensed lifeguards, so they can take care of everything in case needed.

All the travelers and tourist who pay the fee to this Tour will have a chance to enjoy a 60 minute kayaking with all the equipment needed. Also, they will get a souvenir consisting of their group photo (you can see the one we took above!).

We hope all out Tours will be as successful as this one was. We’re inviting you to come and visit out Ticket shop and to explore the City in a new way.

Only this weekend – Kayak Tour Tickets 15$ pp!



We’ve celebrated our fifth anniversary!

Thanks for beautiful five years!

Can you believe it’s already been five years since we started with our work here? We can’t either!

5 years means 1826 days with you! Thanks for all the support we’re getting guys.

The day we started we only worked with organizing walking tours throughout the city. Only a year later we’ve introduced trolley service to our program and started getting huge attention from both tourists and local people in Annapolis. After that, everything’s history! Our well known trolleys have become the symbol of tourism in our city. And maybe even the city itself. Our first guests and customers are still coming back to us and have nothing but the words of praise for our work. That’s what we’re really proud of!

Two years after that, we’ve introduces our first charter cruise for tourists and locals. We never dreamed it will get so much attention! It’s been two years since the service is running and there’s no sign in stopping. Although our cit counts less than 40 thousand people, on a year basis we get 100x more tourists than that. Imagine taking excellent care of each and every of them? That’s exactly what we do!

Our Team
We’ve celebrated, and now we’re inviting you to celebrate with us!

Nothing of this would be possible if there wasn’t for our beautiful team! There’s 28 of us. Some of us you know from the office, some of us are your favourite drivers or tours guides, and some of us you’ve never seen before, but still… If one of us was missing, we could never do what we do today.

It’s also YOU, our dear people. You are a part of our team. Maybe even the most valuable one. Your trust and support makes us who we are day to day. Without you, there’s no team!

Our birthday is officially coming next weekend. We wanted to make some kind of a giveaway for a chance to give you a bunch of free rides with our trolleys and charters. But we’ve come to a better idea:

EVERYONE RIDES FOR FREE ON OUR BIRTHDAY. And that’s not it! What are birthdays if you don’t celebrate it for the whole weekend? That’s right. We’re giving you the whole weekend of free rides. All of our tours will start every full hour 8AM – 7PM so everyone gets a chance to ride with us.